How To Draw a Fashion Figure


I feel really bad that I haven’t been able to post recently……or maybe a little longer than recently.  I am probably going to post again today or tomorrow, so keep your eyes open for that.  Anyway, lets get into the post. 🙂

The first thing about fashion figures: they are extremely exaggerated.  They have really long legs and thin waists.  This is not entirely because designers like having thin models (Which I am totally against by the way.  I fear for their health) but because you will see how it is easier to get the shape of the clothing to jump out on a skinnier frame when drawing.  The average person is 7.5 Heads, while a fashion figure is 9 Heads tall.  When I say heads, I literally mean heads.  You have to draw the head of the figure, and then draw 8 more underneath.  Make sure to draw lightly.DSC_0018.jpg

Then, draw a little stick for a neck and branch two shoulders out.  Make sure they are slightly slanted, and no wider than if two more heads were on either side of the real head.DSC_0020.jpg

Then draw a line in between the third and the fourth head, and connect each side with the shoulders.DSC_0023.jpg

Then draw another, slightly longer line in between the fourth and the fifth or about halfway threw the fifth and connect each side to the waist.  After that, you can draw little dots where you want the elbows and hands to be.  You can measure on yourself exactly how far the hands fall by measuring it on yourself.  Draw lines to connect the joints.  It will look kind of like a stick figure.DSC_0027.jpg

DSC_0030.jpgYou can draw the flesh on the arms now.  If you are doing it right, what you should have now is a creepy alien looking thing.


Do the same thing to the legs.  When you draw the flesh on the calves, kind of point them on the outside.  It sounds weird, but it works.


Now erase all of the lines you don’t need.  It should be easy if you sketched lightly.Draw a real neck, and make sure to include the collar bones and other details.  I drew the neck larger in the corner so you could see it.DSC_0036.jpg

Then you can draw your outfit on it.  Make sure to include any wrinkles or ruffles.  In the corner of the following picture, I drew a skater skirt that waved.  This is how you draw ruffles too.  It is kind of a bad sketch because I was eager to start writing. 🙂 DSC_0040.jpg

I hope this was helpful! I can’t wait to post again!  I am going to do some real style stuff, not sketching or anything 🙂


One thought on “How To Draw a Fashion Figure

  1. Ahhjjjj you posted I actually screamed out loud when I saw this. Keep posting!!!! You are doing an incredible job with this blog as always!! I’m so excited for the next posts please do them don’t let me down (though you wouldn’t)


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