Cute Touches to Your Outfit


So the point of this post is to show how to take a normal, everyday outfit, and turn it into something cute.

1.  Add flats or heels instead of Converse or Sneakers.  This will make your outfit look more feminine, no matter else you’re wearing.  They can also add a pop of color to an uninteresting outfit.

2.  Jewelry. I just got this beautiful bowtie necklace from a local shop (for 20% off. Score!) and I am really excited to wear it because I think it will add a lot to a simple outfit.  A beaded bracelet or statement necklace could add a lot.

Photo on 11-28-15 at 5.44 PM #2.jpg

3.  Makeup.  A simple red, pink, or maroon (for those fall days) lip or mascara would be good.  Don’t do it too much or when you don’t do it people will be dumbfounded and try not to say anything.  But if you do it once in a while, you will look awesome.

4.  Sew a floral patch on your jeans or come up with something cute to add color to your garment.  My friend sewed these awesome floral sort of triangles on the sides of her jeans which look really cool.

5.  A headband with a flower on it.  I always have a backup headband with a big flower on it if I need to spice up an outfit.

6.  This isn’t really a way to make your outfit look cuter, but it is important.  Wear whatever you want (unless it is skimpy.  Fashion and style are about clothes, not skin).  If you walk down the halls of your school with your head held high (but not too high) and your shoulders back, you will be able to pull it off and will most likely receive compliments from your peers and maybe even teachers.  Remember that zany actually isn’t a bad thing.  I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to be one of those people who are in the yearbook and people look at the picture and vaguely remember seeing me in the halls.  That awkward moment when you quote Lemonade Mouth.  But really, it’s true.  I want them to think “Oh!  Thats the girl who had a really cute style!!!!!!!”

I hope these tips helped you!

❤ Elle


2 thoughts on “Cute Touches to Your Outfit

  1. Two posts in one day?? I think I must be dreaming… Thank you for the awesome fashion tips and outfit ideas. You sound just like Megan


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