Wow! A year has already passed!  This new year is full of new beginnings, new habits, new ways of life.  This post is divided into 3 sections: 1.Skin, 2. Style (of course), and 3.Organization



First of all this year, I want to make sure my skin is really clean.  No more acne for me!  Just kidding. That’s basically impossible for any teen.  But I can still try.  Try to get a face wash that has the little beads in it or the kind thats rough just because it will help exfoliate your face.  Another thing that would be good to do is wash your makeup off entirely before going to bed.  I kind of tend to forget the mascara.


Try to identify what your style is.  For example, glam, classic, feminine, etc.  A book I recommend is Your Ultimate Guide to Style.  You can probably check it out at your local library.  Then look up pictures of people like celebs wearing things that you like.  One of the celebs that I think has a style similar to mine is Emma Stone.  A lot of the clothes she wears I would wear.  Don’t be disappointed if you can’t find anyone who has a style similar to you.  It just means that your style is special and one of a kind.  As you can see I love the full skirts.  I also love the style of the fashion blogger Wendy Nguyen!

Emma Stone:


Wendy Nguyen:


Make sure you have statement pieces in your closet.  I will get more into that in Organization though.  Try to experiment with different looks.  Try things that you wouldn’t have tried before.  Also, who said fashion had to be uncomfortable?  The leggings that I am wearing are fleece lined so they feel like pajama pants.  _D7K7510.jpg

Try to layer things, and then put a thick belt around it. 🙂

_D7K7507 (1).jpg

Another statement piece is a pair of shoes!  Got these boot wedges for Christmas!  Always look for shoes on sale.  These were really, really inexpensive at TJ Max.


Nothing like a big furry hood!  Pearls also make your outfit look way fancier.  In my book, their is no such thing as too fancy.  People at school don’t know where your going after school!  You could just pretend your always going to attend a wedding or going to a movie with your friends.  Does that make sense?



_D7K7536 (1).jpg

Being Elsa like a boss.  Anyway, I got this skirt at a local boutique.  In my opinion, everyone should own a chiffon or tulle skirt.  Tulle skirt+Leather Jacket=Awesome.  Although the jackets not leather, I still thought this outfit was pretty fun.  A staple piece should just be your favorite tee, one that is always ready so that you can it throw on.  Another thing to have is at least one special hair piece.  The clip in my hair was mine.  Unfortunately, my dad sat on it shortly after taking the pictures, and it broke.  But I forgave him because he actually took the pictures.


Minimize.  Minimize.  Minimize.  Get rid of as much as you can, but that is not an invitation to buy more stuff.  Here is some inspiration I found on the internet.



Keep only the things you are sure to use.  Pick out your outfits the night before by checking the weather.

Go big or go home.  Be inspired.  Be kind. Study more than you ever have, but its okay to take breaks and have fun.  Be healthy.  Feel healthy.  Do things you have never done before.  Have fun with your style and fashion.



2 thoughts on “2016

  1. Hahahahahahahaha I’m dying laughing because your dad sat on your hairclip nd it broke I don’t know why but I find that hilarious. 😁 Another amazing post done by a girl who joins the ranks of Wong and Wolfgang in her fashion knowledge (even those people don’t actually exist) I hope you check your comments:)


  2. Hahaha I know right? Well it wasn’t really funny at the time but now it is :)….. Awwwww thanks! Megan is my role model ( even though she is not real 😥 ). Thank you for commenting 🙂


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