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I apologize for not posting in over a year.  Yikes.  Hey at least I haven’t completely given up.  Anyway, I am going to start with a random little fashion hack that may help you in a certain situation.  If you are really cold and at a fancy restaurant or out at the movies, especially if you are wearing a dress, you can make an oversized sweater (that you might get from your father or brother or someone) more formfitting and stylish.  After cuffing the sleeves, you can gather the hem to your waist and tie the remaining material together at the front.

Moreover, I went shopping a few days ago for a swim suit.  Noticing that a lot of bikini’s had underwire and an appealing curved outline, I thought they were very attractive. The swim suits also had some really cute options for shorts, including some effortless-looking flowing shorts the same color as the top.  I ended up getting a bikini top from Macy’s with a very lovely and detailed floral pattern with a navy blue background.  For the bottoms, I got a black pair of tight Nike boy shorts because that way I wouldn’t have to get both normal swim suit bottoms and the flow-y shorts.  They are really cute and I’m glad I got them because they don’t stretch or feel awkward.  If other people end up liking those type of swim suit bottoms, I wouldn’t be surprised if they end up being really popular this summer.

Also when I was shopping, I got a pair of very stylish Teva sandals that I love.  They are a really nice tan/grey color that looks very clean and mature.  These sandals have straps near the toes and on the ankle.  This style is very practical because once you adjust the straps near your toes you never have to again, but they fit perfectly.  I had the same style (and brand) of them for a few years and they seemed to grow with my feet, which is saying a lot because my feet grow like weeds.


Furthermore, I’d like to talk about trends.  A lot of clothing trends can be really cute.   I, personally, like a few trends, like the popular bikini’s and and big sunglasses.  However, like I’ve often said in previous posts, having a personal style is important.  It’s part of how people remember you.  If you could make a trend of your own what would it be? Comment below! For me, I would do either 20’s hats or cloaks because how awesome would it be if you could walk out of the house wearing that and not get weird looks.  I do wear 20’s hats anyway, because who’s going to stop me and they are really cute.  I dare you to make your own signature or clothing trend. 🙂


Thanks and goodbye for now!


By the way, I didn’t take any of these pictures, I got them off the internet because I am  on vacation and can’t transfer photos onto my computer.

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