Summer Looks

Summer is here finally!  I’m going to be doing a lot of really cool stuff this summer so keep an eye out for more posts!

During summer, it’s really exciting to try new things, since you have more time to develop your style.  This week I took pictures with my friend, Alyssa, to show you some of the looks we put together.



The shoes I am wearing are from the brand Classified. I really like this dress and wear it a lot because of the hints of color like the zipper down the back and the stripes at the bottom.



Alyssa bought this shoulderless, blue, embroidered shirt from TJ Maxx and are from the brand Lily White.  The flowery shorts are also from TJ Maxx, but are from the brand Blue Spice.  The shoes she got at JC Penny.




My sister brought me back this vintage yellow dress from Germany, which goes to show that you can find really nice clothes if you just always keep your eye out.  My jacket, which  is from Anthropology, is a really nice blackish grey and has lots of zippers; I throw this over a lot of simple outfits to make them look more interesting and put together.  I recently got a lot of stack bracelets, my favorite being my hair tie bracelets.  They are really cool because you can stretch hair ties around them to make the hair ties look nice.  I have seen a lot of ads on Pinterest for them, but found them later at a small shop not to far from where I live.




Both the Romper Alyssa is wearing and the leather jacket is from TJ Maxx.  Rompers are really popular right now and you can find some really cute ones at places like TJ Maxx, Target, and Forever 21.



This dress I bought from Nordstrom recently and is by the brand Beige by Eci.  The flowers are really pretty and I like how my legs are visible at the bottom; I have a couple dresses like this.





Alyssa got this blue dress, which is from the brand Japana, and the pink Kate Spade flip flops from TJ Maxx.  She styled this outfit two ways: casual and fancy.  For casual, she wore the flip flops and an Alex and Ani bracelet with a simple gold necklace. To make it more fancy, she substituted the gold necklace for pearls and added a pearl bracelet to match.  She then exchanged the Kate Spade flip flops for black sandal heels she got from Payless.



I’m especially in love with this look!  I recently got these light orange (I like to call them creamsicle colored) Converse and they are very summery and fun.  The Pineapple crop top is actually a hand-me-down from one of my sisters that was originally from Forever 21.  I’ve had the jean shorts for a while, and I can’t remember where I got them.  In retrospect, I could’ve paired the shirt with a light denim-looking skater skirt I had, which would’ve worked as well.  The jacket is the same one I had on with the yellow dress.




This last look is very flown and light.  The shirt is from TJ max and by the brand Marina Gigli, and the shorts are from JC Penny and by Arizona.  Her striped flats are from Target.

The makeup Alyssa is wearing:






I am wearing pressed powder from 100% Pure, Neutrogena tinted lip balm, and Maybelline Falsies Mascara.

2 thoughts on “Summer Looks

  1. I love it!!! You and Alyssa look so cute in those pictures. The pineapple crop top looks so nice! Also, the creamsicle converse are amazing. I love your posts Nor!!


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