Summer Looks

Summer is here finally!  I’m going to be doing a lot of really cool stuff this summer so keep an eye out for more posts!

During summer, it’s really exciting to try new things, since you have more time to develop your style.  This week I took pictures with my friend, Alyssa, to show you some of the looks we put together.



The shoes I am wearing are from the brand Classified. I really like this dress and wear it a lot because of the hints of color like the zipper down the back and the stripes at the bottom.



Alyssa bought this shoulderless, blue, embroidered shirt from TJ Maxx and are from the brand Lily White.  The flowery shorts are also from TJ Maxx, but are from the brand Blue Spice.  The shoes she got at JC Penny.




My sister brought me back this vintage yellow dress from Germany, which goes to show that you can find really nice clothes if you just always keep your eye out.  My jacket, which  is from Anthropology, is a really nice blackish grey and has lots of zippers; I throw this over a lot of simple outfits to make them look more interesting and put together.  I recently got a lot of stack bracelets, my favorite being my hair tie bracelets.  They are really cool because you can stretch hair ties around them to make the hair ties look nice.  I have seen a lot of ads on Pinterest for them, but found them later at a small shop not to far from where I live.




Both the Romper Alyssa is wearing and the leather jacket is from TJ Maxx.  Rompers are really popular right now and you can find some really cute ones at places like TJ Maxx, Target, and Forever 21.



This dress I bought from Nordstrom recently and is by the brand Beige by Eci.  The flowers are really pretty and I like how my legs are visible at the bottom; I have a couple dresses like this.





Alyssa got this blue dress, which is from the brand Japana, and the pink Kate Spade flip flops from TJ Maxx.  She styled this outfit two ways: casual and fancy.  For casual, she wore the flip flops and an Alex and Ani bracelet with a simple gold necklace. To make it more fancy, she substituted the gold necklace for pearls and added a pearl bracelet to match.  She then exchanged the Kate Spade flip flops for black sandal heels she got from Payless.



I’m especially in love with this look!  I recently got these light orange (I like to call them creamsicle colored) Converse and they are very summery and fun.  The Pineapple crop top is actually a hand-me-down from one of my sisters that was originally from Forever 21.  I’ve had the jean shorts for a while, and I can’t remember where I got them.  In retrospect, I could’ve paired the shirt with a light denim-looking skater skirt I had, which would’ve worked as well.  The jacket is the same one I had on with the yellow dress.




This last look is very flown and light.  The shirt is from TJ max and by the brand Marina Gigli, and the shorts are from JC Penny and by Arizona.  Her striped flats are from Target.

The makeup Alyssa is wearing:






I am wearing pressed powder from 100% Pure, Neutrogena tinted lip balm, and Maybelline Falsies Mascara.


Trends and More


I apologize for not posting in over a year.  Yikes.  Hey at least I haven’t completely given up.  Anyway, I am going to start with a random little fashion hack that may help you in a certain situation.  If you are really cold and at a fancy restaurant or out at the movies, especially if you are wearing a dress, you can make an oversized sweater (that you might get from your father or brother or someone) more formfitting and stylish.  After cuffing the sleeves, you can gather the hem to your waist and tie the remaining material together at the front.

Moreover, I went shopping a few days ago for a swim suit.  Noticing that a lot of bikini’s had underwire and an appealing curved outline, I thought they were very attractive. The swim suits also had some really cute options for shorts, including some effortless-looking flowing shorts the same color as the top.  I ended up getting a bikini top from Macy’s with a very lovely and detailed floral pattern with a navy blue background.  For the bottoms, I got a black pair of tight Nike boy shorts because that way I wouldn’t have to get both normal swim suit bottoms and the flow-y shorts.  They are really cute and I’m glad I got them because they don’t stretch or feel awkward.  If other people end up liking those type of swim suit bottoms, I wouldn’t be surprised if they end up being really popular this summer.

Also when I was shopping, I got a pair of very stylish Teva sandals that I love.  They are a really nice tan/grey color that looks very clean and mature.  These sandals have straps near the toes and on the ankle.  This style is very practical because once you adjust the straps near your toes you never have to again, but they fit perfectly.  I had the same style (and brand) of them for a few years and they seemed to grow with my feet, which is saying a lot because my feet grow like weeds.


Furthermore, I’d like to talk about trends.  A lot of clothing trends can be really cute.   I, personally, like a few trends, like the popular bikini’s and and big sunglasses.  However, like I’ve often said in previous posts, having a personal style is important.  It’s part of how people remember you.  If you could make a trend of your own what would it be? Comment below! For me, I would do either 20’s hats or cloaks because how awesome would it be if you could walk out of the house wearing that and not get weird looks.  I do wear 20’s hats anyway, because who’s going to stop me and they are really cute.  I dare you to make your own signature or clothing trend. 🙂


Thanks and goodbye for now!


By the way, I didn’t take any of these pictures, I got them off the internet because I am  on vacation and can’t transfer photos onto my computer.

Beauty Essentials

Happy Valentines Day!

I am so excited to be posting more (it kind of feels like I always say that, but the basketball season is over so I will have more time) and I have a bunch of new ideas.  Today I will show you some of my beauty essentials for everyday.  I do not always wear makeup, but when I have time I want to be able to easily put it on and know that it will look good.

  1. The Maybelline Pumped Up! Colossal mascara is easily my favorite mascara.  It is really good if you want to make your lashes look more full and longer.  You can get it at CVS or really any drugstore that sells makeup.

_D7K7559 (3).jpg

2. An Eyelash Curler.  I really like eyelash curlers because they make my lashes look way longer and after I curl them and put on the mascara, my eyelashes frame my eyes and make my eyes pop._D7K7577.jpg

3. Cream Blush.  This Sheer Tint Cheek Wash is a life saver.  It is really easy because in the morning I just swipe it on my cheeks and massage it into my skin.  It looks really natural and is good for the winter because it is cream and in the winter your skin dries out more, so I don’t like to use the powder.




4. Nivea Lip Butter in Raspberry Rose Kiss is my new favorite lip product (besides Babylips).  It spreads on your lips easily and smells like all things good in the world.  I always keep this in my pencil pouch at school because when my lips are feeling a bit dry I can put it on and will not have to go look in a mirror because it is so sheer that no one will notice if I accidentally swipe it across my face.   That has never happened before though…(knocking on wood)…  This lip butter is also very thin and easy to slip into your pocket.  It is so choice.  If you have the means, I highly recommend picking one up.  Comment if you know what movie that phrase is from.



5. Neutrogena Oil Free Moisturizer.  This is really good for teens because it is oil free.  I like to dab this on in areas where my skin is dry after I wash my face.  I have been using this for a couple of years and it has never failed me.


6. This post would not be complete without Babylips being mentioned!  At least one of my Babylips goes with me wherever I go.  Church, school, grocery store, movies, it doesn’t matter.  I just got the Cherry Me one, and it is my favorite.  It smells delicious and isn’t too pigmented.


Those are the beauty products that I use the most.  I don’t wear makeup every day, but when I do, these are the first things I look for.  I know the moisturizer is not a makeup product, but I thought I would include it because of how important it is to me.

❤ ❤ ❤




Wow! A year has already passed!  This new year is full of new beginnings, new habits, new ways of life.  This post is divided into 3 sections: 1.Skin, 2. Style (of course), and 3.Organization



First of all this year, I want to make sure my skin is really clean.  No more acne for me!  Just kidding. That’s basically impossible for any teen.  But I can still try.  Try to get a face wash that has the little beads in it or the kind thats rough just because it will help exfoliate your face.  Another thing that would be good to do is wash your makeup off entirely before going to bed.  I kind of tend to forget the mascara.


Try to identify what your style is.  For example, glam, classic, feminine, etc.  A book I recommend is Your Ultimate Guide to Style.  You can probably check it out at your local library.  Then look up pictures of people like celebs wearing things that you like.  One of the celebs that I think has a style similar to mine is Emma Stone.  A lot of the clothes she wears I would wear.  Don’t be disappointed if you can’t find anyone who has a style similar to you.  It just means that your style is special and one of a kind.  As you can see I love the full skirts.  I also love the style of the fashion blogger Wendy Nguyen!

Emma Stone:


Wendy Nguyen:


Make sure you have statement pieces in your closet.  I will get more into that in Organization though.  Try to experiment with different looks.  Try things that you wouldn’t have tried before.  Also, who said fashion had to be uncomfortable?  The leggings that I am wearing are fleece lined so they feel like pajama pants.  _D7K7510.jpg

Try to layer things, and then put a thick belt around it. 🙂

_D7K7507 (1).jpg

Another statement piece is a pair of shoes!  Got these boot wedges for Christmas!  Always look for shoes on sale.  These were really, really inexpensive at TJ Max.


Nothing like a big furry hood!  Pearls also make your outfit look way fancier.  In my book, their is no such thing as too fancy.  People at school don’t know where your going after school!  You could just pretend your always going to attend a wedding or going to a movie with your friends.  Does that make sense?



_D7K7536 (1).jpg

Being Elsa like a boss.  Anyway, I got this skirt at a local boutique.  In my opinion, everyone should own a chiffon or tulle skirt.  Tulle skirt+Leather Jacket=Awesome.  Although the jackets not leather, I still thought this outfit was pretty fun.  A staple piece should just be your favorite tee, one that is always ready so that you can it throw on.  Another thing to have is at least one special hair piece.  The clip in my hair was mine.  Unfortunately, my dad sat on it shortly after taking the pictures, and it broke.  But I forgave him because he actually took the pictures.


Minimize.  Minimize.  Minimize.  Get rid of as much as you can, but that is not an invitation to buy more stuff.  Here is some inspiration I found on the internet.



Keep only the things you are sure to use.  Pick out your outfits the night before by checking the weather.

Go big or go home.  Be inspired.  Be kind. Study more than you ever have, but its okay to take breaks and have fun.  Be healthy.  Feel healthy.  Do things you have never done before.  Have fun with your style and fashion.


Cute Touches to Your Outfit


So the point of this post is to show how to take a normal, everyday outfit, and turn it into something cute.

1.  Add flats or heels instead of Converse or Sneakers.  This will make your outfit look more feminine, no matter else you’re wearing.  They can also add a pop of color to an uninteresting outfit.

2.  Jewelry. I just got this beautiful bowtie necklace from a local shop (for 20% off. Score!) and I am really excited to wear it because I think it will add a lot to a simple outfit.  A beaded bracelet or statement necklace could add a lot.

Photo on 11-28-15 at 5.44 PM #2.jpg

3.  Makeup.  A simple red, pink, or maroon (for those fall days) lip or mascara would be good.  Don’t do it too much or when you don’t do it people will be dumbfounded and try not to say anything.  But if you do it once in a while, you will look awesome.

4.  Sew a floral patch on your jeans or come up with something cute to add color to your garment.  My friend sewed these awesome floral sort of triangles on the sides of her jeans which look really cool.

5.  A headband with a flower on it.  I always have a backup headband with a big flower on it if I need to spice up an outfit.

6.  This isn’t really a way to make your outfit look cuter, but it is important.  Wear whatever you want (unless it is skimpy.  Fashion and style are about clothes, not skin).  If you walk down the halls of your school with your head held high (but not too high) and your shoulders back, you will be able to pull it off and will most likely receive compliments from your peers and maybe even teachers.  Remember that zany actually isn’t a bad thing.  I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to be one of those people who are in the yearbook and people look at the picture and vaguely remember seeing me in the halls.  That awkward moment when you quote Lemonade Mouth.  But really, it’s true.  I want them to think “Oh!  Thats the girl who had a really cute style!!!!!!!”

I hope these tips helped you!

❤ Elle



Oh my gosh.  I thought it was gone forever.  My jaw is on the ground.  Literally.  No I’m just kidding that would be weird.  I found my Boston post.  You know, the one I thought I lost.  I don’t think it was done but here is what I have.  We went bowling too and cooked dinner for my Aunts Step Daughter.  She is an adult and just had a baby named Harrison.  Aaaawwwwwwwww 🙂 .  Anyway, here it is.



I was just informed that I got 55 views in one day a few days ago!!!!!!  Thank you so much for checking on sTellar sTyles!  As I told you in the last post,  I went to Boston with my cousin to visit my Aunt Eva.  We had a lot of fun and I wanted to share some of the things we did and some pictures.

On the first day, we went to the beach!  It was cloudy at first,but then the sun came out of the clouds, and voila!  It was beautiful.

DSC_0284 (2)


DSC_0330DSC_0310DSC_0342 (1)

So the beach was pretty awesome.

We also deep fried food…..  yummy….  My Aunt Eva graduated from culinary school a while ago,  so she is a great cook and also knew how to deep fry things, which I think everyone should know.  We deep fried Oreo’s and veggies, but mostly Oreo’s.  TO deep fry them you have to dip them in pancake batter, so that is what is on the outside.





The Oreo’s were actually pretty good!  That night we stayed up until about 1:00 watching NCIS.

We went to the actual City of Boston, of course, and we climbed Bunker Hill Monument, which actually is not on Bunker Hill.  The monument is super tall and skinny (and slightly claustrophobic).



The stairs up the monument were a strenuous climb.  The rest of Boston was pretty awesome.DSC_0489


How To Draw a Fashion Figure


I feel really bad that I haven’t been able to post recently……or maybe a little longer than recently.  I am probably going to post again today or tomorrow, so keep your eyes open for that.  Anyway, lets get into the post. 🙂

The first thing about fashion figures: they are extremely exaggerated.  They have really long legs and thin waists.  This is not entirely because designers like having thin models (Which I am totally against by the way.  I fear for their health) but because you will see how it is easier to get the shape of the clothing to jump out on a skinnier frame when drawing.  The average person is 7.5 Heads, while a fashion figure is 9 Heads tall.  When I say heads, I literally mean heads.  You have to draw the head of the figure, and then draw 8 more underneath.  Make sure to draw lightly.DSC_0018.jpg

Then, draw a little stick for a neck and branch two shoulders out.  Make sure they are slightly slanted, and no wider than if two more heads were on either side of the real head.DSC_0020.jpg

Then draw a line in between the third and the fourth head, and connect each side with the shoulders.DSC_0023.jpg

Then draw another, slightly longer line in between the fourth and the fifth or about halfway threw the fifth and connect each side to the waist.  After that, you can draw little dots where you want the elbows and hands to be.  You can measure on yourself exactly how far the hands fall by measuring it on yourself.  Draw lines to connect the joints.  It will look kind of like a stick figure.DSC_0027.jpg

DSC_0030.jpgYou can draw the flesh on the arms now.  If you are doing it right, what you should have now is a creepy alien looking thing.


Do the same thing to the legs.  When you draw the flesh on the calves, kind of point them on the outside.  It sounds weird, but it works.


Now erase all of the lines you don’t need.  It should be easy if you sketched lightly.Draw a real neck, and make sure to include the collar bones and other details.  I drew the neck larger in the corner so you could see it.DSC_0036.jpg

Then you can draw your outfit on it.  Make sure to include any wrinkles or ruffles.  In the corner of the following picture, I drew a skater skirt that waved.  This is how you draw ruffles too.  It is kind of a bad sketch because I was eager to start writing. 🙂 DSC_0040.jpg

I hope this was helpful! I can’t wait to post again!  I am going to do some real style stuff, not sketching or anything 🙂