Fall Inspiration


I know that I may be a teensy bit early with this particular post, but I am so excited for Autumn that it’s crazy.  I love everything about it!  The donuts, the smells, the colors, the pumpkins, the outfits, making my bedroom look cute, etc.  You name it, I love it.  Comment what your favorite thing about Fall is!  I would love to know!  Over all, Autumn is awesome.

Lets start with Fall style.  Yes, Fall style is now a thing.  Dark colors are really cute for Autumn.  I’m not talking about goth, more like maroon, darker greens, purple, red, orange, brown, black, gray, and other colors like that.



The coat and scarf belong to one of my awesome sisters, Erin.  (Sorry , Erin, your wardrobe is just too cute to resist.)


Underneath the coat is a really cute floral dress. the back of the neckline is lower than the front, so I think that’s really cute.

Layering is really cute for the Fall, especially now that chilly weather is coming.  Beanies are a must, and so are cute brown boots.  Leather looks the best for the fall, in my opinion.  Braided hair would be really cute as well.

For accessories, bows are definitely on the top of the list, as well as bandanas.  I made these really cute bows, so my next post will be a DIY on how to make them.  Here is a sneak peek! DSC_0546

They turned out really well!  There is no sewing involved, so its really easy.  Unfortunately, my sewing machine is getting repaired, so I will not get to sew for another couple of weeks.  They are really cute to put in your hair.

For make up, I recommend that you curl your eyelashes, apply dark mascara, and wear a dark lipstick. If you want to wear make up at all. It is really simple, but the only thing I will caution you on is that you have to have really white teeth to pull off purple lipsticks, because purple is opposite of yellow on the color wheel, so it makes the yellow pop out more.  It is really fun if you buy lip products that smell like candy apple, pumpkin, or even cinnamon to brighten your day.

For room decor, I like to add a lot of twine to my room for the autumn.  Wrap it around some jars, and BAM!  It’s beautiful.  I also like to add white christmas lights around my bed.  It makes any room look more elegant.  You can only pull it off though if your room is really simple and clean.  DSC_0540

DSC_0537 DSC_0539 DSC_0538

And last, but certainly not least, I have decided to post a picture of Mr.Watson, my guinea pig, so that I could show you what he looks like.


Oh I ❤ Mr.Watson……..

Anyway thanks for reading this!  I hope it helped you!

Goodbye, and always remember….DSC_0559

Wow!  That is probably the cheesiest thing I have ever done!




I know what you are thinking…..  2 posts in one day right?  Well, even if you were not thinking that, I have some exciting news!!!!!!!!!!!!!  DELIAs reopened!!!!!!  It is only a website now, but now everyone can buy jeans that actually fit them!!!!!!!!!!!!!  DELIAs has really awesome dresses, T-shirts, pants, shoes, skirts, shorts, etc. for teens.  After I saw the magazine I literally froze up.  My life is now complete.  Well, sort of.

DSC_0392 (1)

After this exciting news, I think I am going to celebrate!

Goodbye for now


Updates and Strawberry Banana Blueberry Smoothie Recipe.


I hope you are having fun on your summer vacation!

I was really disappointed because I was 3/4 of the way through my extremely long Boston post, when all of the sudden time had flown by and I needed to get on the plane for Washington.  So I saved it a bunch of times and left.  When I came back it was deleted. 😦    😥  ………..  Anyway, I decided to post this before I started working on my new Boston post.

Many good things have happened!  One day I got to 61 views!  Since January, I have had 975 views!  Wow.  Thank you for checking on The sTellar sTyles blog!

Moving on, I have been making a great many smoothies recently and I wanted to share a recipe with you.  I am starting to make green smoothies more often, because they are really healthy and actually taste extremely good.  The Strawberry Banana Blueberry Smoothie (I know, really long name, right?), however, is not a green smoothie.  It is not as healthy as a veggie smoothie, but it is very delicious.DSC_0383.

Serves: 1


1 and a half Bananas

2 handfuls of fresh blueberries

A heaping cup of frozen strawberries

As much milk as you need for it to blend well

Then you just blend it.  I put the finished product in a Mason jar to make it look cute.DSC_0389

Yummmmmm……. I hope you enjoy this smoothie as much as I did. 🙂

Goodbye for now!


Quotes from Coco Chanel, Audrey Hepburn, and More

Bonjour mes amis,

Do you like the new theme?  It’s rather classy, is it not?

Todays post is some quotes to inspire you, whether you are designing, sewing, picking out you outfit, etc.

“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak”

-Rachel Zoe-

“People will stare, make it worth their while”

-Harry Winston-

“Every day is a fashion show and the world is your runway”

-Coco Chanel-

“Fashion is about something that comes from within you”

-Ralph Lauren-

“Happy girls are the prettiest”

-Audrey Hepburn-

“In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different”

-Coco Chanel

“A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous”

-Coco Chanel-

“Give a girl the right shoe and she can conquer the world”

-Marilyn Monroe-

And my personal favorite…….

“Always dress like you’re going to see your worst enemy”

-Kimora Lee-

Which quote is your favorite?  I am going to Boston with my aunt and cousin soon, so I will be blogging about that.

Au revoir,


Coco Chanel
Coco Chanel

Bandanas, Tie-dye, Guinea Pig, and Exams


I am really sorry that I haven’t posted in a such a long time.  Moving on, this post is kind of random so I apologize beforehand if it is confusing.

Bandanas are awesome!  I have realized this throughout June as I found more and more of them while spring cleaning.  You can use them to tie your hair back while washing your face, working out, or just tie it in a bow on the top of your head.  I have done that for the past few days and have gotten a good number of compliments on it.  To tie it, you can fold it in half into a triangle, then rollout from the point and flatten it out.Photo on 6-18-15 at 8.21 PM

All in all, Bandanas are awesome!

Tie dye is brilliant.  We had someone over here from Spain to do tie-dye with us (not specifically for that reason), and I thought that it would take her a few times to get the hang of it since she had never done it before; I was mistaken.  The first one she did turned out beautifully!  Each color was in its own place.  Like a rainbow.  Tie-dye can be very beautiful if you take your time.  Here is an example:


The next two subjects do not have really anything to do with style, but I just really feel like telling people so here it goes.

I am really excited because I am getting a guinea pig soon!  I found one I really like on Petfinder, and I am going to meet him on Saturday!  I am really nervous though because what if he isn’t what I thought he would be?  Wish me luck.

I have my science exam tomorrow, so I am kind of nervous.  I do not like exams at all.  Do you?




Long time no post, right?

When considering the many options of what to wear to a formal dance, the first thing to think about before you get dressed is if you have eaten dinner yet.  That might seem like it has nothing to do with the dance, but it is important.  Having a sufficient amount of energy is important, and you do not want to go with a big pizza sauce stain on your dress.

If you have blond hair and pale skin, stay away from light colors.  Instead try a dark blue or purple dress.  I have a friend who has light hair and she has a gorgeous purple and black dress.  Redheaded people look stunning in forest green and sometimes even white.  However, those lucky enough to have a dark complexion and dark hair can go with any color (except yellow and orange).  Girls with dark brown or black hair can pop out in a beautiful way if they wear red or blue.  Lace is a definite thing to consider while picking out a dress.  Target and Anthropology have cute dresses, and it may be good to explore some local stores you have never been to; you may find something special that you do not have to spend a lot of money on.  My dress is a poppy colored number that I am really happy with.

Make sure that your shoes are comfortable because it can ruin your night if you have blisters on your feet.  Try to stay away from huge (like 5 inch) heels.  Especially if you are already tall. Instead, try cute flip-flops or flats.

Hair should be simple.  Leaving your hair down is fine, but if you want it out of your face you could put it in a bun or braid it.  Remember, this is a semiformal dance, not prom.  If you normally have your hair up, you may want to put it down so that you look (and feel) stylish and special.

Make sure to pick accessories that compliment your dress.  A simple locket or chain with a small pendant is perfect.  For makeup, don’t go overboard, but wear just a teeny bit more than you usually do.

Of course, the last (and most important thing) is to smile and have fun!

Easter Clothes/Dress Wear


Are you excited for Easter?  Do you have a formal dinner or brunch coming up? Highlighting formal and chic, todays post will typify chic in a whole new way.

Lets start with Easter wear.  Being as it is that Easter is a celebration, it is a great excuse to wear bright clothing.  Pastel colors are great, but not in excess, because they might seem overwhelming.  Here are some pastel colors that are especially characteristic of Easter.


Wearing bright lipstick can accentuate the colors in your outfit as well as bring a fresh glow to your face.

Because it’s still outrageously cold at this time, cute cardigans are a sure way to stay warm and classy.  Furthermore, if you are wearing something plain, cardigans can spice your outfit up a little.  There are some really cute ensambles from Target.  Knee high socks, leg warmers, or thick leggings can keep your legs cozy as well. Unfortunately, I lack cardigans at the moment, but I got a image of one so you can see how fun and expressive they can be.  I wouldn’t button it up all the way though.


Floral is a wonderful choice to wear on Easter day or anytime in the spring because to me it represents new beginnings or the flowers that will (hopefully) show up soon.

Photo on 4-1-15 at 3.21 PM #4

To rap it all up, here is a combination of both floral and a pastel color.

Photo on 4-1-15 at 3.18 PM #2

Moving on to formal wear.  Here are some tips:

1.)  Make sure that everything you wear is wrinkle-free.  Believe it or not, it makes a HUGE difference.

2.)  Stick to dresses or skirts.  That way, you can be still be creative while wearing formal clothing.  Make sure that the pattern is appropriate for the occasion though.  For example, you do NOT want to go to a funeral wearing green skull and crossbones.  Or, actually, any skull and crossbones.  That would be sad.

3.)  Blouses are your new best friend when it comes to being formal.  Everyone should have a pair of black bottoms and a white top, or a black dress.

4.)  Shoes can make all the difference.  It might ruin the look if you swagger into a formal event wearing sneakers.  A pair of black (or maybe even colorful) flats are perfect.

So, that’s it for now!  🙂